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Electronic and Vibrational Close-Coupling Method for Resonant Electron-Molecule Scattering
Liam H. Scarlett, Igor Bray, and Dmitry V. Fursa
理论物理。Rev. Lett.127, 223401 (2021) – Published 24 November 2021

Incorporation of resonant phenomena into a molecular close-coupling method allows calculation of electron-molecule scattering and interference effects in a single theoretical framework.

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的壮举ured in Physics编辑的建议
温文梅(Wenwen Mei),奥古斯特·罗森伯格(J.
理论物理。Rev. Lett.127,228001(2021) - 出版于2021年11月24日
Physics logoSynopsis:简单的添加剂使极性液体极性

The strong polar nature of bonded molecular pairs called zwitterions boosts the dielectric constants of polar fluids.

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的壮举ured in Physics编辑的建议
Mutual Information Disentangles Interactions from Changing Environments
Giorgio Nicoletti和Daniel Maria Busiello
理论物理。Rev. Lett.127,228301(2021) - 出版于2021年11月22日
Physics logo观点:Distinguishing Noise Sources with Information Theory

Mutual information provides a promising method for disentangling intrinsic from extrinsic sources of noise in biological systems.

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Entanglement between a Telecom Photon and an On-Demand Multimode Solid-State Quantum Memory
Jelena V. Rakonjac,Dario Lago-Rivera,Alessandro Seri,Margherita Mazzera,Samuele Grandi和Hugues de Riedmatten
理论物理。Rev. Lett.127,210502(2021) - 出版于2021年11月19日

On-demand entanglement storage is achieved for a telecom photon and a long-lived, solid state, multimode quantum memory.

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Shivam Mahajan and Massimo Pica Ciamarra
理论物理。Rev. Lett.127,215504(2021) - 出版于2021年11月19日


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的壮举ured in Physics编辑的建议
Yucheng Jiang, Anpeng He, Run Zhao, Yu Chen, Guozhen Liu, Hao Lu, Jinlei Zhang, Qing Zhang, Zhuo Wang, Chen Zhao, Mingshen Long, Weida Hu, Lin Wang, Yaping Qi, Ju Gao, Quanying Wu, Xiaotian Ge, Jiqiang Ning, Andrew T. S. Wee, and Cheng-Wei Qiu
理论物理。Rev. Lett.127,217401(2021) - 出版于2021年11月19日
Physics logo重点:设备充当太阳能电池和电池


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的壮举ured in Physics编辑的建议
Dynamic Multicontrast X-Ray Imaging Method Applied to Additive Manufacturing
Lorenzo Massimi, Samuel J. Clark, Sebastian Marussi, Adam Doherty, Joachim Schulz, Shashidhara Marathe, Christoph Rau, Marco Endrizzi, Peter D. Lee, and Alessandro Olivo
理论物理。Rev. Lett.127, 215503 (2021) – Published 18 November 2021
Physics logoSynopsis:Three-In-One X-Ray Imaging

Researchers have developed a technique for simultaneously monitoring the attenuation, phase shift, and dark-field scattering of an x-ray beam as it passes through a melting metal powder.

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Mechanics of Metric Frustration in Contorted Filament Bundles: From Local Symmetry to Columnar Elasticity
Daria W. Atkinson, Christian D. Santangelo, and Gregory M. Grason
理论物理。Rev. Lett.127, 218002 (2021) – Published 18 November 2021

Exploiting local symmetries, a formalism is derived which allows an assessment of the cost of a geometric frustration between structural factors in filament bundles.

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Observation of Dislocation-Induced Topological Modes in a Three-Dimensional Acoustic Topological Insulator
Haoran Xue,Ding Jia,Yong GE,Yi-Jun Guan,Qiang Wang,Shou-Qi Yuan,Hong-Xiang Sun,Y。D. Chong和Baile Zhang
理论物理。Rev. Lett.127,214301(2021) - 出版于2021年11月16日

Screw dislocations induce topological helical modes in an acoustic analog of a weak three-dimensional topological insulator.

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Solving the Puzzles of the Decay of the Heaviest Known Proton-Emitting Nucleus Bi 185
D. T. Doherty等。
理论物理。Rev. Lett.127, 202501 (2021) – Published 12 November 2021

Two complementary experiments confirm the inversion of high- and low-spin states in 185 BI,结果是质子发射器理论的关键基准。

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的壮举ured in Physics编辑的建议
F. Pacheco-Vázquez, R. Ledesma-Alonso, J. L. Palacio-Rangel, and F. Moreau
理论物理。Rev. Lett.127,204501(2021) - 出版于2021年11月12日
Physics logo重点:Bouncing Droplets Reveal New Leidenfrost Effect

Droplets floating on vapor cushions can bounce off each other when they are composed of different liquids.

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Existence of Replica-Symmetry Breaking in Quantum Glasses
Hajo Leschke, Chokri Manai, Rainer Ruder, and Simone Warzel
理论物理。Rev. Lett.127, 207204 (2021) – Published 12 November 2021


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的壮举ured in Physics编辑的建议
Experimental Realization of the 1D Random Field Ising Model
N. S. Bingham, S. Rooke, J. Park, A. Simon, W. Zhu, X. Zhang, J. Batley, J. D. Watts, C. Leighton, K. A. Dahmen, and P. Schiffer
理论物理。Rev. Lett.127, 207203 (2021) – Published 11 November 2021
Physics logoSynopsis:1D Random-Field Ising Model Experimentally Realized

Researchers accurately replicate the predictions of the 1D random-field Ising model in an artificial spin ice.

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的壮举ured in Physics
Search and Localization Dynamics of the CRISPR-Cas9 System
乔卢(路桥)、迪帕克·巴特Darya一步anenko, and Simone Pigolotti
理论物理。Rev. Lett.127,208102(2021) - 出版于2021年11月10日
Physics logoSynopsis:CRISPR/CAS9如何找到遗传目标

A model of facilitated diffusion and the theory of Anderson localization help explain how the Cas9 protein explores DNA in search of its targets.

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的壮举ured in Physics编辑的建议
Sébastien Merkel, Sovanndara Hok, Cynthia Bolme, Dylan Rittman, Kyle James Ramos, Benjamin Morrow, Hae Ja Lee, Bob Nagler, Eric Galtier, Eduardo Granados, Akel Hashim, Wendy L Mao, and Arianna E Gleason
理论物理。Rev. Lett.127,205501(2021) - 出版于2021年11月9日
Physics logoSynopsis:Observing Iron Under Pressure

Femtosecond-resolved x-ray diffraction images of iron’s crystals as they deform under an extreme load show that the material’s elastic-plastic transition comes after a surprisingly long elastic phase.

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Marios Zacharias, Hélène Seiler, Fabio Caruso, Daniela Zahn, Feliciano Giustino, Pantelis C. Kelires, and Ralph Ernstorfer
理论物理。Rev. Lett.127, 207401 (2021) – Published 9 November 2021


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Möbius Strip Microlasers: A Testbed for Non-Euclidean Photonics
Yalei Song,Yann Monceaux,Stefan Bittner,Kimhong Chao,HéctorM. Reynoso de la Cruz,ClémentLafargue,Dominique Decanini,Barbara Dietz,Joseph Zyss,Joseph Zyss,Alain Grigis,Alain Grigis,Xavier Checoury,Xavier Checoury和Melanie Lebenty Lebenter
理论物理。Rev. Lett.127, 203901 (2021) – Published 8 November 2021


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的壮举ured in Physics编辑的建议
Quantifying Spin-Mixed States in Ferromagnets
Justin M. Shaw, Ronny Knut, Abigail Armstrong, Sumanta Bhandary, Yaroslav Kvashnin, Danny Thonig, Erna K. Delczeg-Czirjak, Olof Karis, T. J. Silva, Eugen Weschke, Hans T. Nembach, Olle Eriksson, and Dario A. Arena
理论物理。Rev. Lett.127, 207201 (2021) – Published 8 November 2021
Physics logo观点:在铁磁体中旋转混合显示


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的壮举ured in Physics编辑的建议
Superconducting-like Heat Current: Effective Cancellation of Current-Dissipation Trade-Off by Quantum Coherence
Hiroyasu Tajima and Ken Funo
理论物理。Rev. Lett.127,190604(2021) - 出版于2021年11月4日
Physics logoSynopsis:Quantum Coherence Reduces Friction in Quantum Heat Engines


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的壮举ured in Physics编辑的建议
Dark Matter from Exponential Growth
Torsten Bringmann, Paul Frederik Depta, Marco Hufnagel, Joshua T. Ruderman, and Kai Schmidt-Hoberg
理论物理。Rev. Lett.127, 191802 (2021) – Published 3 November 2021
Physics logoSynopsis:Exponentially Growing Dark Matter

A new model explains the current density of dark matter by proposing that conventional matter converted to dark matter in the early Universe.

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的壮举ured in Physics编辑的建议
Topology of Orientational Defects in Confined Smectic Liquid Crystals
Paul A. Monderkamp,RenéWittmann,Louis B. G. Cortes,Dirk G. A. L. Aarts,Frank Smallenburg和HartmutLöwen
理论物理。Rev. Lett.127, 198001 (2021) – Published 3 November 2021
Physics logoSynopsis:Topology Inside a Liquid Crystal

The orientation boundaries in a liquid crystal can be characterized by a topological charge that always sums to one, no matter the shape of the container.

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的壮举ured in Physics编辑的建议
Jakša Vučičević and Rok Žitko
理论物理。Rev. Lett.127, 196601 (2021) – Published 2 November 2021
Physics logoSynopsis:Quantum Oscillations Appear at High Temperatures

At high temperatures, quantum oscillations are predicted to emerge in materials containing correlated electrons, with the oscillations behaving differently from those seen at low temperatures.

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Competing Zero-Field Chern Insulators in Superconducting Twisted Bilayer Graphene
Petr Stepanov, Ming Xie, Takashi Taniguchi, Kenji Watanabe, Xiaobo Lu, Allan H. MacDonald, B. Andrei Bernevig, and Dmitri K. Efetov
理论物理。Rev. Lett.127,197701(2021) - 出版于2021年11月2日


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Mateusz Król, Katarzyna Rechcińska, Helgi Sigurdsson, Przemysław Oliwa, Rafał Mazur, Przemysław Morawiak, Wiktor Piecek, Przemysław Kula, Pavlos G. Lagoudakis, Michał Matuszewski, Witold Bardyszewski, Barbara Piętka, and Jacek Szczytko
理论物理。Rev. Lett.127,190401(2021) - 出版于2021年11月1日

Spin patterns corresponding to the persistent spin helix and the Stern-Gerlach experiment are realized in an optically anisotropic liquid crystal microcavity.

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的壮举ured in Physics
Selective Ion Acceleration by Intense Radiation Pressure
A. McIlvenny, D. Doria, L. Romagnani, H. Ahmed, N. Booth, E. J. Ditter, O. C. Ettlinger, G. S. Hicks, P. Martin, G. G. Scott, S. D. R. Williamson, A. Macchi, P. McKenna, Z. Najmudin, D. Neely, S. Kar, and M. Borghesi
理论物理。Rev. Lett.127, 194801 (2021) – Published 1 November 2021
Physics logo重点:A New Trick to Make Short-Pulse Ion Beams

A new laser technique could lead to ultrashort-pulse, high-energy ion beams for medical use.

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